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Update 10/29/2014
The Health Science curriculum is now complete on IOER.

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16.8 - Primary Data Collection


Students will create a survey and analyze data using 2x2 relative risk calculations.
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16.1 - Introduction

Lessons and resources to introduce the health sciences Capstone project.

16.2 - Topic Selection

Lessons and resources on selecting a topic for the Capstone project.

16.3 - Background Research

Students will gather, organize, and review resources providing backgroun...

16.4 - Case Study

Students will create a case study focused on their Capstone topic (a dis...

16.5 - Research Question

Students will formulate a specific, multivariable research question.

16.6 - Introduction to the Problem

Students will organize and write an introduction to their Capstone topic...

16.7 - Literature Review

Students will access, read, & analyze scholarly journal sources for thei...

16.8 - Primary Data Collection

Students will create a survey and analyze data using 2x2 relative risk c...

16.9 - Oral Presentations

Students will prepare and deliver an oral presentation of their Capstone...

16.10 - Research Paper

Students will write a comprehensive research paper focused on their Caps...

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