Illinois Open Educational Resources User Guide

Tag Resources

Tags are keywords, labels and other information associated with a resource, learning list or learning set. Tags are used as Filters when you search for resources.

Note: You must be a registered user to tag a resource.

1. Open the Contribute Resources screen from the Share menu on the top of the page or from the home screen.

2. Select the Tagging Tool.

3. You can tag a web-based resource, upload a file from another location, or copy a file from your Google Drive. To tag a web-based resource, enter the URL of the resource you want to tag into the box.

4. If you get this message, it means the resource has already been tagged and entered into the IOER site. Select Click Here to go to the resource’s description page.

5. If you receive this message, it means that the resource has not yet been tagged.

Follow these guidelines for tagging a web-based resource.

6. Proceed with the tagging process. Type in a title. Add a description that adequately tells about the site. Type in some key words that will help with the search function. Select the Usage Rights from the drop down menu, if you know it.

You must click Enter after typing each keyword. The words will appear under the text box. You can remove a word by clicking the red x.

7. Expand or collapse categories using the blue carets. Select for Education Levels and Resource Type. You may select more than one item in any of the categories.

8. Select Media Type and Subject.

9. If the resource is aligned to a specific set of standards, use the drop down menus to indicate the standards.

10. Provide as much additional information as you can.

Filling out details in these categories helps the user find the resource.

11. Determine Publishing Options.

You can add this resource directly to one of your libraries.

12. Look for the message Ready to Publish and click Finish!

13. You will receive a verification prompt. Click OK.

14. You will receive a confirmation message at the very top of the screen.