Illinois Open Educational Resources User Guide

Evaluate a resource: Achieve OER Rubric

Note: You must be logged in to evaluate a resource.

1. On the user feedback section (on the right hand side) of a resource detail page select the ribbon icon.

2. To add your evaluation to any resource, click on the bar that says Evaluate this Resource.

If others have already evaluated the resource, the average of those ratings will be displayed.

3. Select the Achieve OER rubric and then click Begin.

4. Select how you view the resource as you work through the rubric. You can have the resource shown in the space below or open in a new window.

5. You will be able to rank the resource on six criteria: Quality or Explanation of Subject Matter, Utility of Materials Designed to Support Instruction, Quality of Assessments, Quality of Technological Interactivity, Quality or Instructional and Practice Exercises, and Opportunities for Deeper Learning.

Click Next to move through the rubric.

6. Click Next to begin the evaluation.

7. Information about the criteria is found to the right. Click the ranking you want to assign in the box below the list of criteria.

8. Continue through each of the criteria. You will see that a colored bar, on each line, indicates which ranking was assigned to that item. The ratings will also be averaged and reported as an overall rating at the bottom of the chart.

9. Click Next one more time after you have ranked the last item. Then click the I’m finished button.