District 214 High School Internship Program


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District 214 has developed a successful high school internship program. This page contains a variety of forms and resources they have developed for administration of these work-based learning experiences.

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Agreement Form
This agreement form, completed by students and supervisors, comprises the basic timeframe and expectations of the internship.
D214 Internship Process
This document outlines the overall process and timeline of internships.
Internship Course Guidelines
This document outlines the requirements and expectations of students in order for them to receive academic credit for their internship.
Parent Recommendation and Consent Form
This form asks parents to provide consent for their child to participate in the program, as well as provide information about their child's characteristics and personality.
Student Application
The student application asks the student to rank career clusters, select when they would like to complete their internship, and allows students to share their academic and extracurricular background.
Teacher Recommendation #1
The program requires two teacher recommendations.
Teacher Recommendation #2
The program requires two teacher recommendations.

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