Illinois Open Educational Resources User Guide

Tagging & Uploading Resources

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If you have a webpage or a file you want to submit to IOER, our tagging tools have you covered.

IOER offers options to share career and educational resources. Login to begin using any of the #IOER options for contributing resources.  Resource formats include:

  • Existing online resources.
  • Digital files that get uploaded to IOER.
  • Sets of files and/or web pages that need to be kept together such as a lesson or a complete curriculum.
  • New web page to show content with or without file attachments. Login to begin using any of the IOER options for contributing resources.

Tagging is way to give resources labels, keywords, and descriptions. IOER uses the tags to create metadata. Metadata helps describe each resource and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. IOER follows standards for tagging that make resources and aligned standards highly searchable. These are the standards Google and other major search engines use specific to educational resources. Educational resources can be difficult to find via search engines, they get buried with myriad other types of resources. Tagging educational resources, even existing web pages, with IOER will make it easy to find.

All users can tag or upload resources by logging into their #IOER account and selecting any of the tag and upload options from the Contribute Resources menu.