8.6 - Cultural Competency


Students will learn how important communication and cultural competency are in healthcare in this lesson. First, students will reflect upon a situation where they experienced a poor communication with a healthcare professional. Then, they will anticipate what cultural competency is before reviewing some concepts in communication and cultural competency. Next they will view a video and analyze written scenarios depicting communication between a pharmacist and patient, and determine what skills are present or lacking in the pharmacist’s actions.

Creator: Kate Meixner
Submitter: Kate Meixner
Created on: 10/27/2015

This Resource is included with HSLE - Health Science Curriculum

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2 Learning Standards

Assesses IL.PDH.24.A (Major alignment)
Demonstrate procedures for communicating in positive ways, resolving differences and preventing conflict.

Alignment of the Resource to this Standard

IOER Community Rating: Not Rated

Assesses NHES 1.12.1 (Major alignment)
Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.

Alignment of the Resource to this Standard

IOER Community Rating: Not Rated

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