7.8 - Electronic Aggression


Students will tackle a very relevant topic to their lives in this lesson: the violence, bullying, and harassment that occurs in their daily lives through electronic media. Students will begin by taking inventory of their own electronic activity and the places where they have observed negative interactions. Then they will analyze the drawbacks and benefits of electronic media. Next they will read about technology & youth violence and electronic aggression, followed by a jigsaw where they will work in teams to dig deeper and present to their peers. Finally, students will listen to a CDC podcast about electronic aggression.

Creator: Kate Meixner
Submitter: Kate Meixner
Created on: 10/27/2015

This Resource is included with HSLE - Health Science Curriculum

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Assesses IL.PDH.22.A.5c (Major alignment)
Explain how health and safety problems have been altered by technology, media and medicine (e.g., product testing; control of polio; advanced surgical techniques; improved treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart disease; worksite safety management).

Alignment of the Resource to this Standard

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Assesses NHES 2.12.6 (Major alignment)
Evaluate the impact of technology on personal, family, and community health.

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