5.2 - Public Health


Students will explore the incredible realm of public health, as they examine various tasks that would be considered work of public health, contrast it with the traditional roles of medicine, and read about 10 great public health achievements of the 20th Century. Students will reflect upon careers in public health and learn the 10 essential functions of public health. By identifying these functions in real examples, students will begin to master an understanding of the scope of public health.

Creator: Kate Meixner
Submitter: Kate Meixner
Created on: 10/27/2015

This Resource is included with HSLE - Health Science Curriculum

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Assesses IL.PDH.22.A.5c (Major alignment)
Explain how health and safety problems have been altered by technology, media and medicine (e.g., product testing; control of polio; advanced surgical techniques; improved treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart disease; worksite safety management).

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Assesses NHES 2.12.10 (Major alignment)
Analyze how public health policies and government regulations can influence health promotion and disease prevention.

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