1.3 - Stress


This lesson will introduce student to the causes and effects of stress. To engage and allow for reflection, students will begin by evaluating their own stress and that of their classmates in a way that will also help them solidify simple concepts like independent/dependent variables, taking an average, and looking for patterns or trends. Then students will read background information on what stress is and when it can be good and bad. After being introduced to a framework for thinking about the causes of stress (stressors) and effects or outcomes, students will have an opportunity to generate ideas for things that fit in each category. Finally, students will read scenarios and classify the details as stressors and outcomes.

Submitter: Michael Parsons
Created on: 4/23/2014

This Resource is included with HSLE - Health Science Curriculum

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Assesses IL.PDH.22.A.5b (Major alignment)
Evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion and illness prevention methods using data from actual situations (e.g., impact of worksite health promotion programs).

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